Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a free entry event?


How much is the cost of each ticket?

Early bird ticket costs $8 and standard ticket costs $10.

Are these tickets eligible for multiple entry?

No. These tickets only allow each agent a one-time entry.

How can I purchase a ticket to attend the event?

The ticket can only be purchased onsite at We only accept payment via Paypal and credit card.



Is refund of ticket an option?

No. There will not be any refund at this Agent Summit of cost of tickets purchased.

Is walk-in entry allowed i.e. pay at the door on the day of the summit?

No. All entry to the summit is strictly via online-ticket purchase only. You may purchase your ticket at

Will there be CPD points given at this event?

Yes. Agents will be eligible to apply for 2 non-core CPD points. However this application of non-core CPD points will be subjected to the approval of the agent’s respective agency's KEOs and that of CEA with a valid e-certification of attendance. The e-certification of attendance will only be awarded to attendees who clock-in before 1.30pm and clock-out after 6:30pm and will be sent to your registered email address by 25th April 2019.

When will I get my e-certification of attendance?

By 25 April 2019.

I did not receive a confirmation email from PropertyGuru after purchasing a ticket. Why?

The confirmation of purchase email will not be sent via PropertyGuru. Instead, it will be issued by is a third party payment site that we are using to manage ticket transactions. Do check junk mailbox or contact us @ [email protected] alternatively.



Why is it that I can only purchase limited ticket(s) at a time?

This is because we need to verify and confirm that each ticket purchased is tied to a unique agent, as we will be issuing e-certificates of attendance based on this. Agents can then use this e-certificate to apply for the 2 non-core CPD points entitlement. As such each transaction can only go through with single ticket purchase, of which agent details will have to be provided to be linked to the actual ticket purchased, who will also be entitled for entry to the summit.



What if I had unknowingly registered more than once? Can I request for a refund?

This cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us at +65 6238 5971 or [email protected] for more info.



Is it a must to bring along the ticket purchased on the day of the summit for registration and entry?

It is advisable to do so. Otherwise, please use your NRIC (identification card) as proof of ticket purchased for registration purposes.



I have trouble purchasing my ticket online. What can I do?

Contact our Customer Contact Centre at +65 6238 5971 or [email protected] and they will assist you on your purchase.

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